Lauren Was+Adam Eckstrom: “Ghost of a Dream”

When most people realize that their lottery ticket isn’t a winner, most people simply it throw it away. For Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom of “Ghost of a Dream”, discarded lottery tickets sparked an idea that turned into an incredible art project about unfulfilled dreams.

“We started to collect tons and tons and talked about what people dream about when they play the lottery,” they said. “Then we did some serious research to find out what people buy when they do win the lottery.” The duo concluded that the top three things people buy when they win the lottery are the “Dream Car,” the “Dream Vacation,” and the “Dream Home.“

The first installation Was and Eckstrom decided to create was a full scale Hummer H3. The artists specifically matched the price of the total lottery tickets used to the actual dollar value of each item. The Hummer “Dream Car” is made from $39,000 worth of lottery tickets. Nice!