Mike Tyson: Tea & Art!

Mickey Duzyj is an illustrator. He grew up in Detroit and migrated to NYC to attend SVA. He stayed. He now resides and works out of his studio based in Brooklyn. Like the Tyson… Continue reading

Nathan Gibbs: Multicultural Crayons

Crayola also made a pack of multicultural colored pencils, and a pack of 16 in regular crayon size. It’s interesting how “culture” here is a substitute for “race.” More on his Flickr page!

Star Wars: Antique Plates

Think if you walked into your Grandmothers house and she had these in her china cabinet. AWESOME! Created by hand by BeatUpCreations, these pieces are available on her Etsy shop.

Jeremy Dean: Back to the Futurama!

Artist Jeremy Dean took a Hummer H2 and totally broke it down so that it could be used as nothing more than a horse carriage. Known worldwide as a huge gas guzzler and… Continue reading

National des Beaux Arts du Québec!

Denmark-based architecture firm BIG teamed up with Fugere Architectes to create this proposal for the Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec competition. The main feature of the design is a grand green… Continue reading

German Kapitonov: Coca Cola Concept!

More of the German Kapitinov portfolio

Obama: True Type Figure!

Not sure why anyone would want a naked action figure of President Obama that costs $43 and doesn’t come with clothes, but the Product Description is so worth reading.

Old School Love: BMW M1

The BMW M1, is a classic. Just look at these photos made by Jan Baedeker.

U.S. Government: New $100 Note

In an effort to teach people how to tell if the new note is real, the government has released this trailer for the new $100. Check it out below. And if you want… Continue reading

Graffomat: Spray Paint Vending Machine

The Graffomat is an automated, 24-hour vending machine that dispenses spray paint for all your graffiti needs. All you have to do is feed it some money and bomb away! Check out the Graffomat… Continue reading