McDonald’s Adult-Sized Playland!

Design credits go to DDB Sydney, production house Revolver, Rhinoplay and renown art director Karen Murphy who built the playset in the likeness of the ones you’d see at McDonald’s restaurants today while… Continue reading

Mos Def on Yo Gabba Gabba!

I have to admit I have watched Yo Gabba Gabba numerous times. Mos Def joins the gang in an akward, Jackson 5(ish), role as “Super Mr. Super”. He has a lot of kids… Continue reading

Obama looking at cool stuff!

The President has access to all sorts of things, and with the help of Dean Trippe, and Photoshop, he gets to take a look at things we all wish we could see.

All the President’s Pens

All the President’s Pens from White House on Vimeo. White House Staff Secretary Lisa Brown explains the tradition of Presidents using many pens to sign a bill. If you’re wondering why Barack Obama used a hundred pens… Continue reading

KRE House: Living Room Lamborghini

(True Story)A client says “I want a 9 car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room.” I know what you are thinking, “Why would I want… Continue reading

Nathan Sawaya: I ♥ Legos

I ♥ LEGOS. Nathan Sawaya amazing LEGO art.

Kindergarten Criminals!!

Two men were arrested after attempting to rob a bank after calling in advance. Fairfield police said the two men tried to rob the People’s United Bank on Stratfield Road. Police said the bank… Continue reading

I’m Here by Spike Jonze!

I’m Here” written and directed by Spike Jonze tells the story of a love between 2 robots living in Los Angeles. If you love Robots, and love stories then this is a must… Continue reading

Lego Characters!

Angus MacLane that calls himself CubeDude on flickr, creates famous movie characters by only using Lego.

Raif Kittman: HMK561 Electric Bike!

Ralf Kittmann took home an iF Design Award for his electric bicycle concept HMK 561. This ultralight zero-emission bike concept and design is clearly novel. Unlike most concept designs we see,  Kittmann created a working… Continue reading