Death Star Watermelon

Death Star, originally uploaded by Silverisdead. Nothing says picnic like a watermelon death star…AWESOME!! Advertisements

Air Jordan 6 Retro: Oreo

Well on March 22nd I know where I’ll be. Standing in some long line full of kids that were in elementary school when the Jordan 6’s first came out. Love the Black/White simplicity… Continue reading

Jonathan Boulet: A Community Service Announcement(video)

Amazing video, amazing song. Sort of reminds me of “Where the Wild things are”. A Community Service Announcement is the righteously smashing single from the Jonathan Boulet album, already a repeat performer at… Continue reading

The Strata: Worlds first skyscraper with built in wind turbines!!

Nicknamed “The Razor”, this incredible structure is located in London and measures 485 feet. Developed and contracted by Brookfield Europe, the tower is a tricky engineering feat indeed, especially granted the gusty blasts of wind… Continue reading

$25,000 Kid Ferrari

For all you young ballers…or really little, cheap adults. From the dealer: This is a one of a kind children’s car built in Germany for the premiere opening of the first Ferrari Dealership… Continue reading

CORNBREADD: Money to Blow(Remix)

I love DuckTales, and Conbreadd has just uploaded a new video using Scrooge McDuck and the gang to provide the visuals for his remix to Drakes “Money to Blow”. Conbreadd gets his autotune… Continue reading

Green Roof School!

If art school was in our future we might opt to study under, or on top of, the amazing green roof at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University… Continue reading

TokyoFlash: E-Clock

The folks at TokyoFlash have been at it again, this time creating an E-ink display watch that seems to pay homage to the current e-book craze. The E Clock can be set to tell the… Continue reading

Hong Kong: Street View

Ever really wanted to go to Hong Kong but still haven’t had the chance. Hong Kong now has Street View on Google Maps. Let the perpetrating begin!! Head on over to Google Maps… Continue reading

Lost 365!

The Lost 365 Project is artist Jared Stumpenhorst’s goal to create art based on his favorite television show every day for a year. On his blog Stumpenhorst says “It is just a small tribute… Continue reading